On-Cue: Artificial Intelligence Command and Control System for Radiology and Cardiology

Allocade's On-Cue® A.I.- based Command and Control System dynamically manages and communicates constantly changing patient logistics. Accounting for real-time variability of procedures as well as the flow of new inpatient and emergency room demands, On-Cue uses artificial intelligence to continuously optimize operational schedules for the available resources. On-Cue's software and network of digital displays replace existing paper-driven, whiteboard-enabled, phone-based manual systems that are in use for managing patient logistics.

Optimize Patient Logistics

On-Cue collects multiple layers of data on patients, scheduled appointments, and orders from existing IT systems (HIS, RIS, CIS, lab and/or RFID). On-Cue's artificial intelligence engine monitors the queues for all procedures as it continuously optimizes patient logistics using your department's own site-specific protocols, priorities, preferences and constraints. On-Cue is aware of the needs of all patient types – inpatients, outpatients, and emergency room patients, and as schedules are disrupted by unpredictable and unplanned events, On-Cue's automatic schedule repair adjusts the queue for each room, as well as the load balancing across your department.

  • On-Cue automatically optimizes time and resource status for all patient procedures
  • On-Cue continuously maintains accurate procedure times: current scheduled start, end and the original time of procedure
  • On-Cue utilizes inputs from site-specific prep and communication tasks to coordinate time-sensitive care

Display Real-Time Status / Streamline Communications

On-Cue displays schedule changes in real-time to all interested personnel, improving communication and coordination both inside your department and with other professionals throughout the hospital. The On-Cue System works within existing IT infrastructures and is viewable on large screen displays, standard desktop PCs and web-ready mobile devices. On-Cue enables quick and easy, time-tagged, electronic communication and coordination between procedural areas, patient areas and patient transport with a full audit trail of all communications.

  • On-Cue features Live Chat, Notes, Tasks and Checklists for shared patient care responsibilities
  • On-Cue displays relevant clinical and/or lab information on patients
  • On-Cue alerts department personnel when a new order arrives and reminds caregivers when prep tasks are delayed

Capture Performance Metrics for Process Improvement

With On-Cue, you can capture accurate performance metrics for making objective, meaningful business decisions on the operations in your department. On-Cue Analytics makes it easy to automatically gather the operational data your department needs to improve workflow processes, increase patient satisfaction and deliver better financial results.

  • On-Cue can deliver visibility of wait time details, cause of delays, turn around times, and workflow durations
  • On-Cue can compare patient volumes by day of the week, time of day, room, procedure type and add-ons
  • On-Cue Analytics can be configured to help meet specific quality and process improvement goals

The Impact of On-Cue

Implementing On-Cue enables departments to deliver better patient care as on-time performance improves, departmental capacity increases, patient satisfaction scores rise, and costs are reduced.

On-Cue automatically determines the optimal adjustments to the daily schedule as conditions change.
Real-time, relevant and efficient collaboration enterprise-wide between caregivers.
Top Ten Department Procedures
Top Ten Department Procedures
Add-ons by Patient Type and Day of Week
Add-ons by Patient Type and Day of Week
Total Patient Volume by Hour of the Day
Total Patient Volume by Hour of the Day

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