California Pacific Medical Center

Since installing On-Cue, California Pacific Medical Center has seen dramatic improvements in their patient workflow, staff productivity and satisfaction, and resource utilization.

The ED, transport, and Radiology have immediate access to the latest schedules, are notified by alerts of all precursor tasks that need to be performed, and as a result create a “patient centric” view to patient care – a Dynamic Patient Itinerary.

Outcomes of the impact of On-Cue:

  • CT Patient Volume increased by 12% without an increase to FTE’s or overtime
  • CT backlog reduced from 2 weeks to 1 day
  • Every CT room has control of their dynamic schedule
  • Increased patient and family satisfaction due to patients no longer waiting in the hallway for their exams
  • Stroke protocol from “alert to response time” decreased significantly due to the simultaneous communication alerts to both ED and CT, which lessened the potential for human error.
  • ER/CT Phone time dealing with patient logistics dropped from 40 minutes an hour to less than 15 minutes an hour.
California Pacific Medical Center, CPMC, is a large 1,024 bed not-for-profit academic medical center in Northern California. The total licensed bed capacity for CPMC is 1,024 for four campuses: PAC Campus, 313; CAL West, 299; CAL East, 101; Davies, 311. And in addition, St. Luke’s also is a licensed bed capacity for 229. As a tertiary referral center, they provide a wide variety of services, including acute, post-acute and outpatient hospital care with approximately 25,828 ER visits annually in San Francisco.  

Timothy Thompson-Cook

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