Increase operational efficiency and improve patient care

  • Optimize patient logistics
  • Display real-time status
  • Streamline communications
  • Capture performance metrics

Examples of Customer Results:

  • 63% improvement in ED turnaround time with CT
  • Reduction of technologist "phone" time from 40 minutes to less than 15 minutes an hour
  • 90% reduction in IR Department overtime pay
  • 19% increase in number of inpatients completed on same day as ordered
  • 27% improvement in Ultrasound outpatients starting within 15 minutes of scheduled time
  • CT backlog reduced from two weeks to one day
  • 18% increase in the number of add-on cases for MR

Allocade Customers Include:

  • Children's Hospital Boston
  • University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Winthrop University Hospital
  • Medical City Dallas Hospital
  • University of Utah Health Care
  • Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
  • Marin General Hospital
  • Mills Health Center
  • Pinnacle Health
  • VA Palo Alto
  • Allegheny General Hospital
  • California Pacific Medical Center

On-Cue: Artificial Intelligence Command and Control System for Radiology and Cardiology

Allocade's On-Cue® A.I.- based Command and Control System dynamically manages and communicates constantly changing patient logistics. Accounting for real-time variability of procedures as well as the flow of new inpatient and emergency room demands, On-Cue uses artificial intelligence to continuously optimize operational schedules for the available resources. The system delivers real-time visibility of schedule changes to all interested personnel, improving communication and coordination both inside the department and with other professionals throughout the hospital. Implementing On-Cue enables departments to deliver better patient care as on-time performance improves, departmental capacity increases, patient satisfaction scores rise, and costs are reduced.

Hospital Professionals on the Benefits of On-Cue:

"On-Cue has allowed us to be more responsive to the ED and the floors, and has dramatically impacted our overall performance. The staff stress was dramatically reduced due to better communication, improved teamwork, decreased phone calls, which allowed more focus on patient care."

Nathan Lay, Senior CT Technologist
California Pacific Medical Center

"On-Cue helps us to react to the chaotic situations in real-time by directing the right patient to the right resource at the right time to optimize patient care"

Bill Wilkison, Vice President Ambulatory Care & Ancillary Services,
Pinnacle Health

"On-Cue helped to make our processes for communication more efficient. With Allocade, we established a comprehensive electronic method for communication. Our front desk staff, nurses, technologists, anesthesiologists, radiologists, recovery room staff and our management team know the patient status and progression through the area or department. We have a more accurate estimation of patient wait times and exam completion times."

Sharon Silk, M.P.H., Director, Radiology Quality Management & Operations Improvement
Children's Hospital Boston

"Once we installed the On-Cue system, we noticed the benefits within the first month of use. We've eliminated 95% of the way we used to operate by removing all of the white boards. There are sig nificantly fewer phone calls and pages, and there is less walking around looking for patient information. Our Press Ganey scores have significantly improved, pointing to the fact that patient satisfaction has increased due to better alerts and communication with patients. If there is a delay, we are able to inform the patient and their family of the newly scheduled time so they can adjust their schedule as well."

E.A. Steve Stevens, M.D., Professor and Chairman of the Radiology Department
University Of Utah Health Care


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